What to Know When Buying Tires

How to Buy the Best Tires for Your Car

Learn What You Should Know When You’re Buying New Tires

Knowing key features of the tires you want is essential when your vehicle needs new tires. Do you want tires that improve your gas mileage? How about performance tires? Or do you want tires that will make your car drive smoothly? What about tires that have high traction? All these attributes are important to consider when buying new tires. At The Mechanic Spot, located in Nashville, Tennessee, our ASE-certified tire sales specialists are experts at making tire selection simple. Below, learn what you need to look for so you know how to buy the best tires for your car.

Fuel efficiency vs. high performance

Low rolling resistance tires are designed to reduce the amount of energy a vehicle expands when it’s in motion, helping you save fuel. The part of the tires that touch the road is called the contact patch. Low rolling resistance tires have a smaller contact patch, causing them to have less friction and roll easier. However, if you need more traction, you will need performance tires. Performance tires have a bigger contact patch, and they’re designed for dry and damp conditions. Pro tip: Performance tires and all-season tires are different. All-season tires are best suited for dry, wet, and snow conditions.

A smooth ride or precision handling

Do you want a smooth ride and reduce the amount of road noise? The tires you look for should have flexible tire sidewalls. On the other hand, if you are more focused on precision handling, you’ll need to buy tires with less flexible sidewalls. You can also make a good compromise in between based on your preference with the help of a tire sales specialist.

High traction vs long-lasting tread

High traction tires are great in extreme weather conditions, as well as fast stopping and sharp cornering. However, since they really grab the road, that leads to faster tread wear. However, if you’re like millions of other drivers, you may want a long tread life. If you want tires with long tread warranties, it’s best to keep in mind that they won’t grip the road like high traction tires.

Schedule an appointment with a tire sales specialist

Getting the right tires for your car will improve your drive, safety, and even fuel efficiency. If you need help from a tire specialist in Nashville, Tennessee, come to The Mechanic Spot. Schedule an appointment with our convenient online scheduling system or by calling (615) 442-7269 so you get the best tires for your ride!

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