What Kind of Tires Should I Buy?

How to Find Good Quality Tires for the Right Price

EnTIREly too many choices? Let us help!

We understand that tires are a major purchase. You want to be sure you make the best choice for yourself and your vehicle, and we’re here to help. The Mechanic Spot of Nashville, Tennessee, is a family-owned business committed to providing exceptional customer service. Our team of ASE certified technicians is available to assist you with tires for any make or model domestic or import car.

Kinds of Tires

Decisions seem less overwhelming when you understand your choices. For passenger cars, including minivans and crossovers, there are five kinds of tires:

  1. Touring
  2. All-season
  3. Performance
  4. Summer
  5. Competition

Touring tires (grand touring tires) provide a comfortable ride in a variety of weather conditions and seasons due to their typical asymmetrical tread pattern. Similarly, all-season tires feature this versatile tread pattern with grooves also encircling the tires. The grooves help with traction in wet conditions. With even larger grooves, performance tires also have lateral cross channels to deal with water and are often rated for higher speeds. Summer tires are, not surprisingly, unsuitable for winter conditions such as snow and ice, but they otherwise work well in both wet and dry conditions. Competition (racing) tires are an on-track option, but they are not for general street use.

There are six choices for trucks and SUVs:

  1. Highway
  2. Performance truck
  3. Trail or All-purpose
  4. All-terrain 
  5. Ribbed
  6. winter 

Highway tires are all-season options designed to handle the heavier load, and performance truck tires feature the all-season pattern with a higher speed rating. Also made with all-season tread, trail or all-purpose tires are more rugged and can handle a variety of surfaces. Tread blocks make all-terrain tires better for off-road conditions, and mud-terrain tires have blocks large enough to navigate soft mud and sand. They are, however, less comfortable when riding on standard road surfaces. Many commercial drivers choose ribbed tires because of their durability and versatility. Finally, winter tires are a potential choice for drivers who live in wet, cold (less than 45 degrees) regions.

Purchase Considerations

Besides thinking about the type of tire to buy, you should also consider what other features you value. Weather/Climate is certainly a consideration as is the correct size for the vehicle. Other considerations include the style/appearance you prefer, speed rating, ride quality, noise level, and durability (mileage you expect from your tires). A smoother ride sometimes means a shorter tire life, so you need to determine your personal balance between durability, comfort, and style. Call the Mechanic Spot at (615) 712-6089  to assist you with your choices in the Nashville, Tennessee, area.

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