What Are the Consequences of Bad Wheel Alignment?

Out of Line is Bad for Your Bottom Line–and More 

You’ve probably heard that your car’s wheels need to be properly aligned, but is it really such a big deal?  Yes.  Actually, wheel alignment is very important.  Whether you know your vehicle needs an alignment or you just want to have it checked, The Mechanic Spot in Nashville, Tennessee, is here to assist you with all your wheel, suspension system, and tire needs.

The Costs of Bad Alignment 

When your wheels don’t line up properly with one another and other relevant parts of the vehicle, the car is said to be out of alignment.  That is, the moving parts are not where they should be along imaginary lines that might be drawn between them.  While this may not sound like a big problem, it can actually be quite costly.  Most importantly, a vehicle that is out of alignment can compromise your safety.  Also, it can be bad news for your financial bottom line.  Because the wheels, tires, and suspension system impact how your car handles, a vehicle that is not properly aligned can impose risk on you and your passengers, particularly at higher speeds.  Poor wheel alignment can lead to difficult steering since the tires may be dragging slightly to the side.  At best, you have to keep a tighter grip on the wheel to keep from losing control.  You can also experience braking issues.  While your safety is paramount, poor wheel alignment can be monetarily expensive, too.  Those dragging tires cause your vehicle to burn more fuel.  That’s money out of your pocket with every trip down the street.  Also, misalignment causes your tires to wear out quickly.  With continued driving, you will have some spots with adequate tread while others have little or no tread left.  You may even see cords or other inner parts of the tire showing through, a very dangerous situation.  Finally, lack of alignment can cause additional wear on other suspension parts, leading to untimely replacement and repair.

The Solution 

As you can see, there are prices to be paid when your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment.  At the first sign of trouble–uneven tire wear, pulling to one side when driving, or unusual sensations when applying brakes–make an appointment with The Mechanic Spot, (615) 712-6089, to have your wheel alignment checked and/or corrected.  The money you spend on a wheel alignment will save you costly repairs over time, and it could even save your life through crash prevention.

Written by The Mechanic Spot

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