Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

How to Tell When You Need Service

No one likes spending more money than they need to on their car. That’s why you don’t want to get maintenance service until it’s necessary. While the goal of preventative maintenance services like wheel alignment is to prevent bigger, more costly problems, you still don’t want to spend money on the service too frequently, when it isn’t making a big difference for your car. That’s where The Mechanic Spot in Nashville, Tennessee can help. Here are a few ways to tell when your car needs wheel alignment.


When you are on a straight road, does your car travel straight? Or do you notice it drifting to the left or right as though it’s trying to switch lanes on its own? Drifting is a sign of poor wheel alignment and is a key signal to get service as soon as possible. If your car doesn’t travel in a straight line easily, that can be a concern for safe handling!

Poor Fuel Efficiency

If your car isn’t aligned properly, your wheels are fighting to take the car in slightly different directions. That wastes the energy generated by the engine to drive your car forward. As a result of poor alignment, you might notice poor fuel efficiency. You might not get as many miles to the gallon, and you might have to fill up more frequently. Get better performance with wheel alignment service.


Does your car bump or shake when you turn? That’s not right! When the wheels are aligned properly, your vehicle should be smooth and easy to handle. You should feel comfortable and in control while traveling straight or turning. Bumping through corners is a sign that something’s not right and your car needs alignment to correct it.

Worn Tires

If tires aren’t lined up straight, they won’t make even contact with the road surface. That leads to uneven tire wear that will be visible on the tire tread. If the problem goes on for a while, you might have to replace tires sooner than you want to because of rapid wear.

Notice the problems with your car? Schedule a wheel alignment service at The Mechanic Spot in Nashville, Tennessee!

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