Walk-In Oil Changes in Nashville, TN

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Depending on the age, make and model of your vehicle you will need to have your oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. An oil change is a quick-stop, walk-in preventative service that is essential for keeping your engine working at maximum efficiency. It’s one small thing you can do to prolong the life of your vehicle and minimize your need for major engine repairs.

Why Does My Oil Need To Be Changed?

If you have checked your dipstick and see that you still have plenty of oil left, then you might be wondering why you can’t just top it off and keep driving? While you may still have plenty of oil left, the oil is dirty and needs to be drained and replaced. This will keep your engine properly lubricated and fully optimized.

  • Overtime the buildup of dirt and debris that make their way into your engine when you drive will make your oil thick and sludgy.
  • The thicker your oil the less lubrication it provides, and the more friction. This will wear your engine and reduce your fuel efficiency.
  • Dirty oil is toxic oil and as a green mechanic we aim to reduce your emissions every way we can.
  • Your Fleet Will Need More Frequent Oil Changes

    We encourage all our clients to check their vehicle owner’s manual to determine the frequency of oil change and all factory scheduled maintenance. However, your fleet is on the road full-time meaning your maintenance schedule needs to be customized to meet your commercial driving needs. Even everyday Nashville drivers who commute or drive several hours a day for work are likely to need more frequent oil changes. Next time you stop by our shop, ask one of our ASE Certified technicians to create a custom oil change and maintenance schedule.

    Your Full Service Mechanic

    We are Your Mechanic Spot and here to provide your full service of automotive needs. Beyond your as-needed oil changes we provide the advanced diagnostics and repairs to keep you safe on the road. We use only quality parts and all our work is backed by a warranty. We serve dealers, fleets and everyday Nashville drivers. Call or stop by The Mechanic Spot the next time you require an oil change or any type of automotive services!