Make Traveling Easier For You and Your Dog!

A few tips will help keep the stress from you and your pup on your road trip!

We know all too well the sad eyes you get from your pup when you are trying to leave the house. You’d do anything if you could just stay home with them forever, but you’ve got places to be. On some rare occasions, your pooch gets to come with you! But there are complications and things to consi that will help everyone have a more enjoyable ride together. If you take some time to make sure your vehicle is ready and your pup is ready, everyone will have a much better time!

Clear it out: Of course, you think about cleaning your car after a doggy road trip, but it can actually help to give it a once-over before you head out. This can be good to de-clutter your car and make room for your pup so they feel more comfortable in your space. The added bonus is that there is less to be cleaned up at the end!

Wrap your windows: If your pup is like every other pup, they will be glued to the window for a good part of the drive. Some drivers have found that applying cellophane to your windows will help with their nose and slobber. You’ll still be able to see out of the windows, but when you get home, you can peel off the cellophane for easy clean-up!

Clean-up Supplies: You can’t always anticipate an accident with your vehicle or from your pup. A car ride can be a stressful experience for your pooch, so if they have an accident, please be patient with them. If you bring along some paper towels and cleaning solution, you can pick up any mess while you’re still on the road.

Seat Covers: If you are worried about an accident, or the massive amounts of hair that pets leave behind, you may want to invest in a seat cover. There are hundreds of kinds and they range in price. Some can clip to your headrest, but are snug against the seat. Others are like chair covers that wrap around the whole car seat itself.

Depending on you and your pooch and what you plan for these road trips, there’s definitely a way to puppy-proof your car!

Written by The Mechanic Spot

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