Keep Your Hybrid Vehicle Running Like New in Nashville, TN

Driving a hybrid vehicle comes with maintenance and care responsibilities that are a little different than a regular vehicle or an electric vehicle. Here are the ways you can make sure that your hybrid keeps running like it should as you drive the streets of Nashville.

Tips to Improve Hybrid Vehicle Performance

Check the tires. Having regular tire maintenance performed on your tires can assure your pressure won’t be an issue in reducing premature wear on your tires. It will also maximize the mileage possible from your hybrid vehicle.

Monitor your battery. Check the connections of your battery at least once per month. Check for signs of corrosion. Clean up any connections that seem to be collecting dust or debris. Make sure they are tight and battery performance is consistent.

Evaluate your brakes. Most vehicles should have their brakes checked by 20,000 miles. Some may make it to 40,000 miles before replacements are needed. If you are detecting a squeal when you hit the brake pedal, then it is time to bring the vehicle in for some maintenance.

Check your fluids. Your engine oil must be checked regularly. Review your owner’s manual for the recommended schedule of your make and model. Keep your transmission fluids and coolant levels regularly monitored as well. It is also a good idea to check any pipes for cracks and leaks.

Check your belts. If your belts are showing signs of cracking, then have them professionally evaluated. Belts that begin to slip may reduce the benefits a hybrid vehicle is able to produce.

When to Have Your Hybrid Vehicle Serviced

Your owner’s manual will provide the details about when specific services are required to maintain the health of your vehicle. Always refer to this service schedule as your first priority.

It is important to remember that severe driving conditions hasten the need for maintenance. If your manufacturer has not provided a separate severe driving service schedule, then reduce the mileage suggested by one-third if you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, excessive idling, or both.

When you take care of your hybrid vehicle, it will help to take care of you. Be proactive with your vehicle inspections and never ignore a potential warning sign.

Written by The Mechanic Spot

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