How to Find a Great Auto Repair Shop

Are You Shopping for Something Better?

What to Look For

When you consider that every single driver wants the best for their vehicle and needs a reliable auto repair team, you realize the scale and importance of the automotive industry. With so many available options, how can you tell which shops are the best choice, or even just a safe one for your vehicle? You can start by looking for an independently owned auto shop in your area that prioritizes the following things:

  1. Awards & Certifications

  2. Auto shops that are driven to exceed in their industry pursue certifications and awards to prove their competency and skill. Look for a shop with ASE and BBB listed in their window or on their website. Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) means that their technicians have passed rigorous training and testing. Their expertise is guaranteed by a national program for automotive excellence! On the other hand, Better Business Bureau (BBB) refers to the shop’s ethical practices. Businesses earn this recognition for upholding honesty and fairness.

  3. Warranty Options & Conveniences

  4. Well-established shops have the confidence and ability to offer warranties on some of their parts or services. These locations want you to share their confidence and offer a way to guarantee the quality and reliability of their repairs. Be sure to ask shops about their warranty options and any other conveniences they may offer like financing options, free shuttle service, after hours drop-off & pick-up, and walk-in service. If there is something important to you, be sure to ask about it! You deserve quality care.

  5. Good Customer Reviews

  6. Well-established, independently owned auto repair shops have strong customer relationships. If they’ve been around long enough, they may have served generations of drivers in their communities! To find out more about an auto repair shop, find out what their customers are saying. Speak with friends and co-workers to find out where they take their cars, or look for reviews to get insight into the shop’s quality of service. How do they respond to negative reviews? Do they take care of their customers? Find a shop that shows dedication to their community and customers!

Looking for an auto repair shop can be overwhelming. If you are new to Nashville, Tennessee and need an auto repair team, keep these things in mind!

Written by The Mechanic Spot

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