Catalytic Converter Problems

Four Common Catalytic Converter Problems

What Are Some Common Catalytic Converter Issues?

Catalytic converters can last many years, but when they become faulty, they can lead to sluggish engine performance and even complete engine failure. Catalytic converters are important to every vehicle because they convert harmful compounds from your engine’s emissions. When your vehicle has a faulty catalytic converter, it usually causes your check engine light to come on. At The Mechanic Spot, located in Nashville, Tennessee, we’re glad to explain four common catalytic converter problems.

  1. Overheating
  2. A faulty catalytic converter can overheat if there’s an excess hydrocarbon in the exhaust system. This may be caused by a leaky exhaust valve, a misfiring spark plug, or a faulty oxygen sensor. Your check engine light will illuminate if your catalytic converter is overheating. As a rule, you shouldn’t ignore your check engine light, especially if it’s possible your catalytic converter, as this can be a fire risk and damage surrounding car parts.

  3. Clogged converter causing leaking
  4. Have you noticed that your car is leaking fluids? Leaking fluids, like engine coolant, can cause clogging in your catalytic converter. If you notice something different in engine performance, it’s best to take it to a local auto repair shop and get your catalytic converter checked to see if it’s clogged.

  5. A horrid smell
  6. Do you smell rotten eggs? That may be the smell of sulfur! Smelling this sulfur is also a sign of a clogged catalytic converter. When your vehicle’s catalytic converter is clogged, the sulfur gasses will give off a bad odor since they aren’t able to be processed properly. This sign may indicate that your vehicle will need a catalytic converter replacement.

  7. Theft
  8. One issue some people look over is theft. There have been cases of people stealing catalytic converters because they contain precious metals. If your catalytic converter gets stolen, your check engine light will turn on. Luckily, you can greatly reduce your risk of theft by parking your car in a secure area or a garage.

Fix your catalytic converter at The Mechanic Spot

Make sure to maintain your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule to extend the lifespan of your catalytic converter. At The Mechanic Spot in Nashville, Tennessee, our full-service shop has dedicated ASE-certified technicians with advanced computer diagnostics, technology, and tools ready to diagnose and fix your catalytic converter quickly and accurately.

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