The Best Brake Repairs In Nashville, TN

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Is It Time To Have Your Brakes Repaired?

Not sure if it’s time to have your brakes repaired? Stop by our Nashville shop for an inspection any time, or ask us to take a look at your brakes the next time you are in for factory scheduled preventative maintenance. The average driver will need new brake pads every 50,000 miles—but there are many contributing factors to the frequency of replacement. If you brake hard, drive in stop and go traffic, drive long distances, or on rural roads you may need more frequent brake services. If your vehicle is new to you and you aren’t sure the last time the brakes were replaced or simply can’t recall the last time they were checked—we are happy to inspect! If your brakes are squealing, pulsing when you brake, or it takes longer to brake than it used to stop by our shop ASAP!

We Provide Truck And Fleet Brake Services Too!

If you have a midsized truck, van, or a fleet of vehicles that is on the road full-time, you will need to have your brakes inspected and repaired more frequently than suggested in your vehicle owner’s manual. The sheer volume of miles you put on your car and the added weight of your large vehicle and load will wear your pads and rotors sooner than the average driver. Stop by our shop to discuss a customized fleet maintenance schedule that is proactive and not reactive. This will include brakes and all preventive maintenance. The goal is to all but eliminate your need for emergency repairs.

Dealer Quality For Everyday Drivers

We pride ourselves on providing the same quality of car care you would receive from your dealer, but at a fraction of the cost. We use only quality parts and our ASE Certified technicians test and inspect all repairs before returning your vehicle to you. Our goal is to keep you safe on the road by delivering the highest quality of mechanics. We repair and maintain both foreign and domestic vehicles for everyday drivers and Nashville dealerships.

We invite you to stop by The Mechanic Spot the next time you need your brakes inspected or replaced—or anytime you are in need of quality auto repairs. We are open 6 days a week and walk-ins are always welcome!